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Possibly a yeast allergy

Posted by Rosalind on 7/01/99 at 00:00 (008428)

Bloating can be due to a yeast allergy. Try eliminating yeast containing foods (such as leavened bread, beer) and fermented foods (esp. hard cheeses, vinegar). Also sugar feeds yeast, so cut out or back on sugar, including fruit sugar. It sounds bleak, but it is doable and not bad once you get used to it. If it is a yeast allergy, you'll see a dramatic difference.

Check out the book called The Yeast Connection for more information on good and bad foods and good ideas for substitutes. Soft cheeses like monteray jack, mozzarella, cream cheese seem to be ok. Tofu is ok too. Lemon juice is a good substitute for vinegar.

I had to have a year's worth of allergy shots to reduce my sensitivity to yeast. If I don't watch my diet, I bloat a lot - even right after a meal - and I am thin. I have also had intestinal problems that seem to be aggravated by yeast containing and fermented foods.