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I think what caused mine in. . . . .

Posted by Carol E. on 7/03/99 at 00:00 (008471)

Three years ago I was a overweight, out-of-shape, middle age housewife and we moved to a new city, bought 40 acres and built a big beautiful Victorian farmhouse--our dream home. My husband is in the lumber business and we have built several homes so to save money we did some of the work ourselves. I spent countless hours climbing up and down ladders and squating down on the floor, stuffing insulation between the studs, nailing up electrical boxes, and painting all of the walls and ceilings(with a roller). I am also very fussy and didn't want the standard trim package so my husband bought me a compound mitre saw and I also did all of the interior trim---window casings with sills and skirts and crowns over the top(64 of them), fancy door casings and built-up baseboards. The baseboards were the hardest because they involved a lot of stooping, bending and squating for this old, out of shape body!! Five days after we closed the loan on the house, my husband lost his job and we lost everything we owned. The depression caused me to quickly pile on another 50 pounds and I think the combination of this additional weight, plus the physical stress of building my house is what caused my PF.