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Question for ya Dennis & Crew!

Posted by Laurie on 7/11/99 at 00:00 (008626)

I've been in and amongst the board here for the last year and one question I can never seem to locate an answer to is....

Why wear birks when we have these 350 dollar orthodics that should do the trick?

Personally I'm wondering if these orthodics I have -- are actually ruining my feet. (more so because now my GOOD foot i'm sure has PF as well as he said tendonitis). My last appt awhile back, I posed this to the physician and he finally said 'well go without them and see how your feet are.' Quite sarcastic, he was..

Anyways, I just wondered how you go from birks to shoes & inserts, etc...

Thanks.. any insight is most appreciated.

Hope today, your feet feel better than yesterday.