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You're right, it's probably a bad habit...

Posted by VioletD on 7/11/99 at 00:00 (008651)

but I also do it at home whenever I take my shoes off, such as in the shower, and sometimes in the morning, before I put my shoes on. Of course, my shoes are usually close by to be put on immediately. Sometimes, though, I just need to get my feet free of shoes. When I don't have my shoes on, (which isn't often), if I don't curl my toes under, I walk on tiptoe, which also seems to relieve the strain on the fascia.

I have had this for 2+ years now, and I desperately want to avoid re-injury. My feet are not healed yet, if that's ever possible, but most days I can get along without the limping I used to do. Also, most days I don't have to take as many anti-inflammatory medication as I used to. I do still have bad days, which I think are connected to over use, and/or the weather.