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2 years plus

Posted by Lee on 7/12/99 at 00:00 (008656)

I've had PF for over 1 year and finally found relief when I got the second pair of orthodics . My feet were great for months. Then out of no where I developed a heel spur in my rt foot. I've tried everything but a cast and surgery. It's now been about 3 years since the start of this, but I wasted a year with the wrong Dr.s. I have an appointment with a new Dr. on tues regarding PF release surgery. The funny thing is my foot is almost healed now. I only have a tiny bit of pain left. The piroxicam cream and the orthodics helped the most. But for the last week I've been on the Atkins diet to lose some extra pounds. By the second day my foot seemed almost completely cured. There still is a slight sensation in my heel, but its no longer PAIN. I hope it stays this way. I feel very encouraged. I hope you can find some relief soon. I too have to be on my feet. I can not retire and not eligible for state disability. I have to work.