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very frusterated!!!!!

Posted by Dana on 7/17/99 at 00:00 (008762)

I went for my second visit to my Foot dr. the other day and told him my heel has improved a slight amount, but now I found out I've sprained the foot also. I have to keep the foot wrapped and stay off of it as much as possible. With a VERY ACTIVE 18 month old that is impossible. I told the Dr. the only good thing about my sprain is that it's on the same foot as my PF. This way I have at least one good food left. My husband told me tonight I walk like an old lady, after I was done giving him the evil eye I told him he should try and walk with horrible heel pain and a sprain. Hopefully I won't to anything else to my foot before my next Dr. appt. Does anyone know how long a sprain can take to heal?