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morning regiman for PF

Posted by mardi on 7/23/99 at 00:00 (008958)

Hi...I have not been officially diagnosed but seem to have textbook PF. I am on my feet all day and have been for 25 years. The morning stiffness has been so bad lately that I usually limp through the morning and into the early afternoon. Have found that standing in a bathtub with water as hot as I can stand it, while I shower, helps loosen the tendons up very well added to taking aspirin or aleve or motrin, whatever is handy first thing in the morning...gets me up and walking, if not running, better than anything I have tried. I never walk barefooted now..I wear Birks or Naots and sometimes try to sleep with my foot up against the headboard so it is flexed more than it would be normally. Havent tried the orthotics yet. Have found that shoes with a strap around the back of my heel to be painful so i use simple slip-on style shoes that hold my heel in place like the cork footbeds do.