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RE: Pain after surgery?

Posted by Jane on 7/23/99 at 00:00 (008981)

I had open surgery for PF in 96. I no longer have the sharp stabbing pain in the heel that I had before surgery; however, I will get it very mildly if I am on my feet for long periods. This I can tolerate!
My main problem is I have a dull ache in my feet 24hrs a day and it gets really bad if I try to walk any distance, like walking the mall. (Still unable to perform my job.) The ache is all over the bottom of my feet with a lot of it being in the forefoot area (around metatarsal head area). I also have the pain down the lateral aspect of feet which I know is from that part of the fascia that was not released. I did have fibromas but they are almost gone now. This all developed after the surgery. I am wondering what type of pain others have had after having PF surgery???? Is it similar to mine or do you still have the same PF?
Has anyone had any type of surgery (to correct the pain) after having a PF surgery?? What are you people with pain after surgery doing for treatments?