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I had the orthotripsy performed Friday July 16, 1999

Posted by Jenn on 7/25/99 at 00:00 (009039)

I had the orthotripsy done at The Institute of Sports Medicine in Toronto, Ontario. Dr Galea performed the procedure using the Ossatron.
Today is Sunday July 25. The pain this week has gotten steadily worse. The first two days were not bad, I felt better. Then as the week progressed the pain got increasingly worse. My whole leg aches, I can't put full weight on the heel,my fascia has shooting pains, and I have a sharp pain through the ankle.

I started to get worried and a little pissed off and a little depressed because I am feeling like once again I got my hopes up for something to 'cure' this only to have them smashed. Dr Galea assured me that these symptoms were normal and to expect it to be like this for up to 4 weeks after the procedure. He says by 6 weeks, I'll start noticing the difference. I will keep you all informed.