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thanks for offering hope

Posted by Hank on 7/26/99 at 00:00 (009050)

Thanks for the encouragement. I incurred PF last September and
still have it. I haven't been able to do any triathlons this year
(did 7 last summer). The mental agony is excrutiating as many readers
can attest. Doing bricks is EASY compared to battling depression.
I recently did a 5 day float trip through Desolation canyon in
Utah. After the trip my foot felt great and I thought I could see
the light at the end of tunnel. Only a few days after the trip,
however, the PF came back. That's what is the killer with this
monster - having it seemingly get better and then come back. Why
can't progress be linear? I dearly hope I haven't run my last mile.
I'm 42 but not ready to become a couch potato yet. Every post from
soemone who has overcome PF and resumed an active lifestyle is
best regards, Hank