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To The Doubting Thomas Out There...

Posted by Nancy on 7/27/99 at 00:00 (009141)

The first time I remember my feeting hurting was the day before school started. This past year was my first year teaching...but I'm a late bloomer...graduated at 41 years old, in May in 1998.

Someone else attributed this to getting older...I attributed this to getting older, as well...as I've worked other jobs where I was on my feet a lot more...and I've been pregnant <1988> and carried a lot of weight...doing those jobs where I was on my feet a lot more.

But getting back to the first sign of pain...it was the day before school started in August of last year. I wore a pair of cheapie tennis shoes...and was on my feet quite a bit. I've never been one to spend a lot on shoes...ever...and so to go to work...I'd wear inexpensive, but stylish shoes...never giving much thought to the quality...or what I might be doing to my feet by wearing cheaper shoes.

I have no idea if it's the shoes...that caused this to happen to me. All I know is...it got progressively worse as the year went on...until by March...I was trying to clean the house in anticipation of house guests...and couldn't get through 20 minutes of standing.

Someone doubts my story. Didn't see enough 'pain' in my post. Pain...you want to know about the pain I've felt? I've had pain so freakin' bad--my feet feel as if they have a piece of cardboard in them and it gets pulled taut every hour or so. I've had pain so bad at the end of the day...my feet throb for hours on end and elevating them does nothing. Cushioning them...does nothing. Rubbing them does nothing.

Pain? I've had pain every morning for so long...I freakin' forget what it's like to walk without grimacing. I walk mostly...on the balls of my feet....especially in the morning. The pain wasn't always this bad...it's only been this bad for about five months. When it first started hurting every day...it felt as if I had no padding on my heels. That's how I'd describe it to my husband. I would tell him it felt as if...something was terribly wrong with the padding in the heels of my feet--like it wasn't there any longer.

Buying expensive Reeboks...DID NOT help my feet. I thought it would...that was back in March. My husband swore it was the same thing he had three years ago. Other teachers I spoke with said it was like having tendonitis in your feet. Everyone had an opinion. That...Miss Doubting Thomas...is why I didn't go to the doctor. Most of the teachers I spoke with...who said they'd experienced sore feet said as soon as summer came...and I was able to get off my feet...they would get better. As you'll recall......I said my feet got worse this summer...not better.

Now...for the 'miracle drug' you've so erroneously accused me of promoting. I started taking that almost two weeks ago. The first week...I noticed an improvement. As you'll recall...I said in my original post...'don't get me wrong...my feet still hurt' . This past Sunday...I had one of my three worst days ever...while taking the 'miracle drug.' Do not...I repeat...DO NOT...buy that drug thinking it's going to make your feet feel better. I don't think it will last...and it may be a total fluke it has worked for me as it has. I will say it again...for those of you who overlooked it the first time out...MY FEET STILL HURT. My feet still hurt...A LOT.

I have every intention of seeing a doctor about my feet. I can't work like this....not as a teacher. School starts next month. I am working a temp job which will be over in ten days. So, if it's 'okay with you, Miss Doubting Thomas,' I'd like to wait until I'm finished with this job so I won't have to take any days off...it is only a temp position, after all.

I've never posted to an internet message board before...this was the first. I've heard about them....heard they can be brutal. I guess I heard correctly.

I didn't mention the product...the owner of the message board emailed me...and he mentioned it. Ask him if I sound 'legitimate.' I sent the link to my online friend because...I wrote to several friends earlier in the year to ask them what they thought it might be...or if they'd ever experienced anything like this. So when I posted...I sent them the link. It was my friend who posted here earlier who wrote to me and told me someone thought my post was insincere. I probably wouldn't have come back here...as I'm not looking to write messages...I'm looking for help and information.

I doubt I'll be back...there are other websites which deal with this subject. Perhaps they will be a little more to my liking...and meet my needs in a more supportive way.

Excuse the intrusion....and excuse the hostility. I had no idea I'd have to offer a certificate of credibility to share my story.