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To Robin

Posted by Nancy on 7/27/99 at 00:00 (009146)

I've been sitting here ever since I read your less-than-kind message left for me...totally offended my husband...as I was furious after I read it...snapped at him when he asked what was wrong...and have come back here to see how in the world you got 'fraud' out of my message. Not only do I feel incredibly hurt...that someone would target my post...and use it to try and play 'house detective'...but for a writer...you sure missed a lot. Perhaps you need an editor. My husband is an editor...I'll copy and paste your message in an email and let him rake it over the coals, much the way you raked mine.

You say:
>>Unlike just about everyone on this board, you don't mention stretching, icing, splints, arch supports, PT, orthotics, glucosamine or any of the customary treatments. <<

I said in my original post:
>>I'm so glad to have found this site. Until this past weekend, I had no idea what was wrong...and no idea this problem even existed for others. <<

How could I mention remedies I didn't know existed? It wasn't until I read some of these messages...that I even realized this might show up on an x-ray. I didn't know what was causing the pain in my feet. I didn't know it had a name until I spoke with my online friend. I used AOL NetFind and the words 'Plantar Fascitis' and viola! Here I am. I still don't know for sure...a doctor would diagnosis this as plantar fascitis, but from what I've read thus far...it sure sounds like it.

Other people have mentioned shoes on this message board. I mentioned the brand name...only because others have told me to stay away from certain brands...while others have recommended specific brands. Asics (spelling?) is another name which was recommended to me. Are you going to accuse me of working for them, as well? Are you saying...you don't believe the type of shoes one wears...has any bearing on alleviating the problem? Cause I surely don't have the answer to that question. Do you?

You say:
>>It's hard to believe a person could be experiencing real plantar fasciitis for more than 6 months and not do anything to find out what it is other than buy a pair of Reeboks and muddle through. <<

I said:
>>By February, I knew something was really wrong. Gradually, my feet hurt more often and for longer periods of time after getting up out of a chair or sitting position. By March/April, the worst pain was in the morning after waking up. I started wearing shoes in the house and it about killed me to do any work in the house where I'd have to be on my feet for a long time. <<

I was not in excruciating pain for over six months...it's been about six months since the pain became truly serious.

You said:
>>I'm sorry to be distrustful Nancy, but I've been a marketing copy writer for 25 years. If I were going to pitch a well-disguised ad to this board, I would write it exactly the way you wrote your story. <<

What...because I wrote a chronology of what led up to it? I guess there is a compliment buried in there--regarding my writing ability. If I were out to promote this product as the 'cure all' for this condition...I would've mentioned the product name. I have no idea if this product is really helping me...or if the product is helping me in other ways and I feel a lot better because of *that*. Are you the resident Sherlock Holmes here?

You said:
>>I have only had PF for a year. Many on this board still suffer after 3 or 5 years. I don't remember anyone cured by Reeboks and an energy bar you can buy in a mall. <<

I said:
>>The end of June came and went...and I'd not been on my feet all day for about three weeks. My feet were worse!! For the first two weeks in July...my feet were worse than they'd ever been. <<

Note...I said they were worse. The Reeboks DID NOT help. You're a writer, huh? Been doing it for twenty-five years? For a writer, you are less than thorough.

>>I do hope you are telling the truth, and I'm sure everyone wishes you well if you are -- and if you are, then I apologize. <<

Your apology is a day late and a dollar short, Robin. You think about this the next time you're tempted to haul off and accuse someone of pumping a product on the internet...you think about how your freakin' feet feel at the end of the day...or in the middle of the night...or first thing in the morning as you limp out of bed to go about your daily tasks...and then you think about me writing a post such as yours, to you. You think about me hobbling around my own home...trying to keep up with my eleven-year-old daughter...canceling trips to theme parks cuz I can't do that very well.

As a writer, perhaps you should think about the things you write...and the people you may be offending. You took a big leap with your less-than-kind post. How dare you say there was no 'pain' in my message. I read your nasty accusatory post and wanted to cry. When I found this message board, I was elated. I was elated that this wasn't something that could be blamed totally on my weight gain (because I'd gained weight before and never had this happen). I was elated that this wasn't something which could be blamed totally on being on my feet all day as a teacher (because I've worked jobs where I was on my feet for longer hours than when I'm teaching). If you didn't see enough 'pain' in my message...it was because for the first time this 'thing' that has caused me great suffering since August of 1998 finally had a name.

And now...after reading your 'welcome' message...I don't think this is something I want to be part of. Your less-than-kind message caught me by surprise earlier this evening. I had no idea anyone would leave such a mean message. I post on various message boards on AOL and some are controversial. This is the kind of message one would expect to find on controversial message boards...not a message board which is supposed to offer help, information, and support.

Please consider how you've come across to me here. I don't know what it would take to 'convince' you. At this point, I don't much care. But you think about how much pain you're in...and then you think about how you'd feel if I'd left this kind of message to your first post with regard to this subject. I hope, in the future, you'll think twice before you ever leave another such a message to someone else who mistakenly expresses hope, versus pain, when telling their story.