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I have bad hips. . . .

Posted by Carol E. on 7/29/99 at 00:00 (009215)

I 'carried' seven babies and my lower back and hips are SHOT!!! Sometimes I can feel the bones grating against each other---isn't that osteoarthritis? Miserable condition to be in. I know exactly what you mean about getting no sleep. I like to curl up behind my husband in bed(and stick my cold feet up behind his knees--ha,ha!!!) Anyway, my hips(especially my right hip)had gotten so bad that I could not STAND to lay in one position for longer than 5 minutes without extreme pain. And lying on my stomach was completely out of the question because of the back pain---in fact I couldn't stay on my back for long either because of my back pain. I tossed and turned all night. I would wake up SO stiff that it took several hours before I could move freely. I had been complaining to my husband for years that we needed a new mattress. Crying is more like it---our mattress was 30 years old and the army put a fork lift through it 28 years ago. It was SO saggy and didn't have one bit of padding---but my husband liked it so he wasn't too excited about replacing it. Finally, he bought me a new one---and I picked out (ha,ha) an $1,800 pillow top Spring Air. Now I'm not saying that this is the cure for arthritis, but I absolutely couldn't believe what a difference it made. I can sleep in the same position(even on my right hip)ALL night now, and I don't ever wake up stiff. I can also sleep for several hours at a time on my stomach without pain. Now this doesn't mean that my hips don't hurt during the day but at least I am getting some sleep!

I agree with you---if it's not something, it's another. Hips, back, feet---maybe they are all tied together as various forms of arthritis. Some people have reported the theory that 'sugar' agrivates arthritis---maybe that is why I feel that my low carbohydrate diet seems to be helping---and losing a few pounds can't hurt either.