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Pain now in back of heel

Posted by Brad on 7/30/99 at 00:00 (009270)

I had minor PF for about 1 year. On a Wednesday I did a lot of standing and then ran 9 miles (a normal distance for me). Bad morning pain Thursday and Friday. Back to normal (minor morning pain) on Saturday. I ran a 5k race with a slight pain in the right side of my right heel. Saturday night there was deep pain in center of heel and I could not walk. Saw podiatrist on Tuesday who taped foot. It felt better but was far from well. One week later was examined and taped again. Now the pain is in the back of my heel. There is very little morning pain. I tried running Monday but there was much pain in back of heel. I have been doing bike and EFX without pain. Please post anything I might do to run again or how long to wait to try.

Brad in Indiana