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Rules and ideas for our study.

Posted by GORDON on 7/30/99 at 00:00 (009282)

First of all, I am obviously no expert and so I can put out a few proposal ideas and people can comment and add ideas too. I was thinking last night that in general we should focus on the diet thing by having two basic groups: those that do the low carb diet and those who don't. In this way we will se if the diet is actually helping most people in general. In both groups we will try and keep everthing else similar.
We would all do the streching, exercising, icing etc. (try and stay as close together on this as possible but realizing that different things work for diferent people.) The fact that all individulas within both groups will will be doing there own thing will keep it random enough to balance it all out. The biggest problem I see is elliminating the placebo effect because many people may say they are feeling better just because they think they should. It is hard to know. Therefore we must try to be very objective in measuring improvements. You will need to keep records of your activity level pain level etc.
The next biggest probelm is that it is very difficult to stay on a low carb diet. I think we will need to do a 2 week practise thing first.

The third thing is we need to define the diet. Some of the Atkins recommendations are questionable so we must get as much input as possible. Roberta and Carol E. have some point counter point stuff we need to listen to.

Fourth we need an easy way of tracking all the DATA. I hope Scott can help us out here because he is very goodwith this computer stuff. Scott are you there?

Any body who has developed any research studies would sure be welcome to pitch in some ideas.