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a catalog name and number

Posted by joan on 7/30/99 at 00:00 (009307)

i am ordering my plantar fasciitis splint from a catalog called Sammons Preston (1-800-323-5547). I noticed that on the two page spread where my splint is listed, there are several other foot support type products. I make no claims for any of them, having never tried any, and I am in no way connected to this company (they make enough money in the health care industry as it is because a lot of clinics and home care places use them). I can not vouch for the quality or effectiveness or return policies or anything. But since this catalog was laying on the floor next to my computer, I thought it would be nice to tell you all in case you want to order the catalog. P.S. The pf splint I want (the deluxe) is on back order till August 27th. :o( Keep marching on, everyone!