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To David and Janet re rollerblading

Posted by Sandra Z on 8/01/99 at 20:45 (009382)

Janet, the first time I got pf it went away quite soon after I began an agressive treatment. I went to a podiatrist and learned stretches, got one cortisone shot and custom orthotics, and was 'cured' within 6 weeks. I waited almost six months before I ran again (it had hurt A LOT), and ran slowly, and with my orthotics, but after the fourth or fifth run I was in agony again. It took a year, casting, SAM-E, and a talented sports medicine physical therapist to 'cure' me this second time. While I'm not in pain anymore, there is a 'pulling' sensation in my foot that I think will never leave. I stretch EVERY day and probably will the rest of my life.

David, to see if you like rollerblading, go to an indoor skating rink and try it indoors first. The rink should be able to rent you some skates and you may be able to take a lesson. Stopping is tricky. If you enjoy this, go buy yourself some good skates that lace instead of buckle (it's clearance season on last years skates in Wisconsin right now--50% off at Sportmart!). You want the skates tight so your foot won't slide around. You can get a Superfeet skating orthotic to put in your skate that will also help stabilize your foot. Make sure you get wrist, knee and elbow pads too. I skate around my neighborhood, and sometimes in 5K races--some of the charity running events allow or encourage rollerblading. Good luck!