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Posted by Gordon on 8/02/99 at 22:48 (009412)

I just want to determine if there is a trend with this yeast killer diet or low carb diet or if it is just me. It seems that there really is a connection from all the responses I've seen so far on the Atkins diet. It seems to me that this problem can be better addressed with diet and arobic exersice than anything else yet that is the only thing that is never talked about in the medical commmunity.

Right now I exercise every morning, take 4000 vit C, 400 E, Acidophyllis (non-dairy), calcium, and do the diet and I'm doing pretty good. No real pain unless I just stand for a long time and teh nit goes away as soon as I exercise it off. My feet hurt the most if I stay in front of the computer all day and then go over do it.

I think the lack of exercise is the biggest problem for some people out there. They think that they will start exercising when it feels better but that may never happen. They have to start now, keep the weight down and the Low carb diet makes it easier.