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Posted by Gordon on 8/02/99 at 22:54 (009413)

You can still eat vegetables, just lower the simple starchy ones and emphasize the others.The foods to emphasize for lowering instestinal yeast are (some of them):

1. Fish
3 RAW GARLIC (keeps away everything)
4 Onions
5 Cabbage
6 Broccoli
7 Kale
8 Turnip or radish

Supplements to emphasize
1 Vit C
2 Lactobacillus acidophilus
3Fiber (water soluble from Psylium Seed Husk)
4 Consider difetive enzymes
5 Vit E
6 Candicin

Foods to use in moderation or limited amounts
1 Whole grains
2 Nuts and seeds
3 Beans and other legumes, i.e. peas
4. Whole fruit
5 very diluted fruit juice
6 Rice, millet, buckwheat

Foods to avoid
1.Anything that tastes good (that'what it looks like)
2.Avoid any foods that are know allergies
3 Sugar in all forms (honey, brownsugar, frucose, etc.)
4. Breads or commercial baked goods including wheat, barley, rye and oats
5. Corn
6 white potatoes
7 Carrot juice
8 starchy veg
9 Potato
10 Commercail soup
11 No pop
12 no Pickled or vinegar foods