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I had a half inch around plantar wart on my heel for 20 years. .

Posted by Carol E. on 8/03/99 at 11:24 (009424)

and then I started to get several others---2-3 up on the ball of the foot and 2-3 around the big one on my heel. I decided it was time to declare war on them. I am a boob and didn't want to go to the doctor and have them dug or burned out!!! This is what I did and they all went completely away and have not returned for the past 10 years. This worked for my daughter also.

First, buy some of the wart acid stuff---like compound W or whatever and also a tube of some type of super glue 'gel'(so it doesn't run all over your foot.) Also get a roll of old fashioned white adhesive tape(you know, the fabric one). In the evening, before bed(I did this while I was relaxing in front of the tube), cover the top of the entire wart with the acid stuff. It will bubble up and then start to dry. After a while I dab at it with my finger to flatten it down. If it sticks to your finger, it is still too wet. If I have time, I put on another coat. Then after it is dry and flattened out, I cover the whole thing and out a tiny bit onto the surrounding skin with a layer of super glue. Again, if I have time I put on another coat. What you are trying to do is smother the wart and the thicker you can get this stuff the better job it will do. When the super glue is dry, I cut a piece of adhesive tape(may 1'x2')and tape it right over the whole wart and press it down really good. This will hold the whole thing intact until you repeat the whole procedure in a couple of days. Before, when I had done it, I just used the wart medicine, but it always washed off the first time I showered or wore socks. Using the super glue and the tape really helps hold the whole thing together! For me, the tape held in place for 2-3 days and then I would peel everything off and repeat it. The skin under the wart medicine will turn white and die and after a couple of treatments, it will peel off with the tape. Keep repeating the procedure though because the wart roots go down deep---especially if you see little black threads in the hole. Sometimes I used a small pocket knife to gently scrape away any other dead skin in and around the hole before I repeat the proceedure. After the skin has peeled away several times, you may want to just let it go for a few days and watch to see if there is still a tiny bit of wart left after it heals and hardens back up. Then go at it again if it is still there. This procedure is not painful at all, except maybe a tiny sting when you put a new layer of the acid into the hole after a layer of wart has peeled off. My warts were pretty big and I'm thinking that it took a couple of months to get rid of them all, but it worked and they have never come back. Hope it works for you.