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magnets--now that i think of it

Posted by joan on 8/03/99 at 20:01 (009431)

All winter I wore magnetic sole inserts in my shoes over my orthotic inserts....it was a bit cramped in there though I wore a large shoe---anyway, I stopped when the weather got too warm (around the beginning of june), and then in later june I re-injured my foot somewhat while walking barefoot up steps....so while waiting for that limping episode to resolve (about two weeks) and what with the end of the school year to wrap up (I work in a school), I completely forgot about my magnetic inserts--then the pf pain got progressively worse all of july, despite increased rest on my part (fewer work hours on my feet) and near-religious use of shoes with inserts at all times---now Ii DO wonder if those magnets had been having some effect all along--I'd had them in since around the holidays...I'm giving them another try as soon as I sign off because if that was what was doing it, well, welcome back magnets! I just wanted to include this story as my own experience with using them, in case it gives anyone else some insight into their pf.. Good luck, all!