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Re: Brad- please stop running for a bit!

Posted by Raleigh on 8/03/99 at 23:16 (009439)

Take it easy- please do yourself a favor and stop running for a while! Try biking or something, but if you keep reinjuring the fascia in your foot, it can scar up and take a year or two to go away! I know, I know, it is hard to stop excercising once you have a routine! I kept excercising (running, aerobics, etc.) through my pain and really damaged my foot. If I had just stopped and let it heal, I would have had a much easier time. My brother is a marathoner, and did his foot; however, he had the sense to stop running. His pf healed MUCH faster and has stayed healed. Please, please, I think lots of other folks out there would agree- stop running for a bit! Good luck to you! -Raleigh