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Re: feel like an invalid

Posted by vicki on 8/04/99 at 01:38 (009442)

I am a nurse and because I had to keep working, I ignored the pain in my feet until a podiatrist at work commented on my limping. He diagnosed me with falling arches and reccommended I seek treatment. I didn't for many months until I was unable to walk without severe pain. I understand plantar faciitis, but the pain is also quite severe up the back of both legs after any walking. I quit work 10 weeks ago and have been compliant with all the treatments you reccommend except the splints, with only minimal relief. I tried to return to work 2 days last week and have been down ever since. I am 43 years old and not ready to be an invalid. Is the leg pain part of the plantar faciitis or something different? Thanks!