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Where to place pads

Posted by Gordon on 8/06/99 at 19:33 (009515)

Well, just don't sit on them unless you want your eyes to cross permenently.

Seriuosly, it isn't difficult to find out which places work best for you and I think you can place them better on yourself than anyone else can because you can feel where it is doing the work. Never touch them with your hand or other foot because when the electricity travels through a large muscle it will make it jump pretty good. \
As far as which place to put the positive and negative, I don't beleive it makes that much difference but the manual tells you anyways. I used to set the timer on mine and go to sleep with it. Some people say it doesnt't help much but I think you have to be patient and wait for subtle changes. For me, it killed the burning so I could sleep. Didn't solve the problem but I have tried everything and the only sure things that really help are daily heavy aerobics and weights (not on your feet, I do now though) and yeast killer low carb diet and vit c and ice and feeling good about yourself and life. I though I would never feel this good again (and that was probably part of my problem). You must never give up hope that you can recover.