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Roberta, it would be interesting if some of the other runners tried your diet?

Posted by Gordon on 8/10/99 at 23:00 (009627)

Sorry, I forgot you were a runner.

Because athletes are rarely worried about loosing weight (large amounts), they are probably the least likely to try a diet like yours. THerefore it may take a little pusch to get some to try it. For the athletes out there with PF I think they would be pleasantly surprised and should give it a try. By the way, I still haven't heard anyone say the the Low carb diet hasn't helped. I think that this foot problem is linked to something that feeds off simple carbs (or survives a low carb envirement) and that is why lowering the carbs is helping. For me this is nto a simple tendon/pull. THe overall burning that some people have indicates something else (as most doctors I have seen agree on). This may not be the best diet for the general public but I don't think the chronic form of this applies to the general public.