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"Pump Pals" for ladies' dress shoes

Posted by Sandra Z on 8/13/99 at 06:48 (009694)

I found a helpful product at Walgreens. My feet feel best in New Balance shoes with my custom orthotics, or Mephistos, or Birks. But sometimes I want to wear a 'normal' shoe: a dressy pump with a 2 inch heel, for example. I find I can do this if I 1) wear a pump with a chunky heel (no teetering!) and a strap (no sliding in and out) and a rounded, not pointy, toebox, and 2) put a 'Pump Pal' insert inside it. This is a 3/4 insole with a cushioned heel and raised arch that is specifically made to go inside ladies' dress shoes. I put this inside my regular size pumps (I like Life Stride pumps--inexpensive($30)and available at Warehouse Shoes). So why is it that the dressy shoe makers never put arch supports in women's shoes?