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NY Docs/ Manhattan

Posted by Alison on 8/14/99 at 12:49 (009748)

Yvonne, a good doc is hard to find - and usually expensive.
Here are 3 I've used. They all know each otherand can work together:
Thomas Novella, DPM;( Hospital for Special Surgery) He's in that 'I don't take insurance strata' and you need to make an appt 2 to 3 weeks in advance, but very, very good. I received orthotics from him that have allowed me to walk
Jonathan DELLAND, MD Orthapod, also with HSS.
Philip BAUMAN,MD Orthapod W58th (St Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital)Of the 3 orthapods I've seen, He was the one who reviewd my xrays & MRI with me explaining why he rule in/out problems.
Donna AXION, MD Orthapod( Hospital for Joint Diseases) Highly regarded by every orthapod I've seen. The only reason I didn't go to her is that she didn't accept my insurance plan. Both she and Bauman are foot & ankle specialists treating alot of dancers & atheletes. I had Physical Therapy via Hospital for Joint Diseases. There PT Dept is terrific. Good Luck!