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I probably should not post this but. . .

Posted by Carol E. on 8/16/99 at 10:45 (009797)

even though everyone says not to go barefoot---I can't help but feel that besides stretching the calf and achilles, that the muscles and tendons on the bottom of the foot need to be stretched and strengthened also---at least at this point in my recovery. My PF has been progressively getting better over the past 6 months. Last March I couldn't go barefoot at all and would clump around the house with ONE Birkenstock sandle on that foot to support my arch. By June I could go barefoot for short periods of time without any pain but sometimes in the evening after being on my feet all day, if I went barefoot, I could FEEL my foot 'rolling over' to the inside like my arch was collapsing and I would have to wear the Birkenstock sandle that night. Now, I don't ever feel like my arch is collapsing and can go barefoot all day if I want.

That's not to say I am totally pain free---when I overdo it(I picked a couple of quarts of huckleberries on a steep mountainside the other day), I still get a cramping pain when I finally get off my feet. In other words, it doesn't bother me when I am moving around but then it cramps up when I sit down. Weird huh? I also 'sometimes' have a sore spot on the outside edge of the front of my heelbone. Do you think this is likely built-up scar tissue or an actual spur causing this pain? I have been rolling my foot around on a tennis ball to massage it and after a while it seems to go away. I don't understand how massage 'breaks up' the scar tissue and makes it go away. How does this work?