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Accuvibe Foot Massager

Posted by Kimbe on 8/16/99 at 20:40 (009812)

I have an electric 'Accuvibe Foot Massager' under my computer desk. It relaxes the muscles in my feel and calves, and sure gets the circulation going. Who knows, maybe it will help break up a little scar tissue along the way, if there is any that is. The massager sits at an angle and generally provides foot support even when it's not turned on. Just thought I would share the idea with you guys. This way sitting at the computer can be theraputic...from head to toe!

I've had the foot massager for a couple of years, but I haven't used it much, until recently, because my toddler wanted to play with it every time I got it out. I bought it at 'The Relax The Back Store' for around $120.00. They had a lesser model and a better model too, but I opted for 'middle of the road' because it was the quietest. The sales person had mentioned that this was the model that a lot of people liked to put under their desks at work.

BTW, I've had the vibrating foot spas too, but there is no way I'm going to sit at a computer desk, around all of these electrical wires and circuits with my feet in water. (Spills, dropped items, etc... all too risky!) The Accuvibe Foot Massager is just the ticket for those who sit at a desk a lot. No, I do not own stock in the manufacturer's or seller's companies. 'Relax The Back Store' may have a web site, I'm not sure.