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Posted by Diane on 8/16/99 at 21:01 (009813)

Hi! I have had PF for about 2 years, with it getting severe in the last 4 months. My ortho doctor started me on physical therapy, stretching exercises, and ice. Then after no results, he gave me a shot (I told him labor pains hurt less!!!). He has had me on Celebrex and now on Etoldalc, with no apparent results. I have been wearing night splints for the past 3 months. Now my right ankle is hurting from walking 'weird', so I'm now wearing a splint during the day. We also tried a Medrol dosepak, and Capsaicin Cream, which did nothing but give a bad burning sensation to my skin. I don't really know what he's going to try next. He said surgery is not something they like to do for PF. I am so tired of not being able to walk without pain. I need support!!!!!