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Heel spur surgery recuperation

Posted by Lori on 8/18/99 at 19:35 (009861)

Brenda, I had spur removal and 2/3 release surgery 12 weeks and 3 days ago. My feet are still sore. Monday was the first day of school (I'm a teacher) and my feet HURT at the end of the day. I iced them and massaged them. Tues and today there is some soreness at the end of the day but not PAIN like Monday.
People handle the surgery differently. I believe I've had a much easier time than most I've heard but you might do even better than me. I noticed an inprovement each day during the first 10 weeks or so. I don't think, at this point, I could be on my feet for 6 hours a day constantly. As it is now, I'm sitting on a stool occasionally during the day. I can't walk more than 30 minutes without sitting down and I find it harder to stand more than 15 minutes without soreness. I know this isn't what you wanted to hear. What does your Dr. say?
Lori in AZ