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to Joan

Posted by Lee on 8/19/99 at 07:35 (009882)

Try the Atkins diet for weight loss. No exercise and I'm losing about
1 1/2 pounds a week. I'm on a modified program. I find the 0 carb too restrictive but I try to stay under 50 carbs a day. (with some small cheating in between) A lot of salads with real dressing and chicken, fish & veggies for dinner. There's no way anyone can tell me that this diet is unhealthy. I feel great and every thing I'm eating is natural.
I believe my foot is better because of less carbs and the weight loss I'm sure has helped too. I hate drugs too, but I'm going to ask my Dr. about Vioxx. I really want to get rid of this last bit of pain.
Please post your continued progress with drug. Thanks and good luck to you