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to Sarah & Iris

Posted by Lee on 8/20/99 at 09:27 (009968)

The Piroxicam cream was suggested by my Dr. and then I posted what great results I had on the board. And I think my Dr. is pretty conservative with treatment. It was the pharmacist comments that really encouraged me. He's the one that sees return patients to pick up the RX. It's not cheap so I can't imagine someone would buy it a second time if it didn't help. Call a couple of compounding pharmacies and ask a few questions about results or feedback they've had from patients. Dr.s don't understand that every day is torture when your foot hurts.
Iris... My cream is kinda oily, but no granules at all. Very smooth and easy to massage into your foot. I might check into the pharmacy that made it to make sure it's the right stuff.