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Comments about your suggestions

Posted by Sarah on 8/21/99 at 00:00 (010031)

I won't say that my dr. hasn't helped me because he has. Physical therapy that he prescribed was the most beneficial thing he prescribed. I went into his office at about an 8-9 on the pain scale and now I very from a 0-3 depending on my activity level and foot. Basically he is like look, I've gotten you as far as I can without surgery. So, either live with it as is or consider surgery. He says that 98% of the surgeries he does are very successful. Less than 2% don't work. That is just the risk of surgery.

It just bothers me that he was so unwilling to prescribe piroxicam cream or even say I haven't heard of that, that's interesting and I'll will investigate the possibility, but right now I don't feel comfortable prescribing something that I know nothing about. I do know that doctors have strict codes governing prescription writing, but God forbid a patient could come in with some suggestion that might work!!!! There are so many drugs out there that doctors can't even remember what to prescribe for what, or they prescibe what the best sales rep shows them and encourages with extra incentives and perks. Ask any nurse that works in a doctor's office, she'll tell you that they leave the room to look it up if they don't know what to prescribe and they stick to the drugs that the best sales reps sell them. My father was a pharmacist and he said he would often refuse to fill prescriptions because doctors would prescibe two drugs for a patient that couldn't be combined without toxic results. Anyway, moral of the story is sometimes, despite years of training, they just don't get it.

Thanks for listening