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Relief of Heel Spur pain

Posted by Hanne on 8/21/99 at 00:00 (010040)

Two years ago I came down with an extremely painful heel spur. Infact I was so bad that I had to walk with crutches for two weeks. I was told by the doctor to us anti-inflamatories and keep my feetup. He said to operate was not the best idea, since it would be painful and may just re-occur. I spoke with a friend who was into herb and was suggested to us Cal-Mag Chelate which is a bond strengthener and Glucosamine Plus. In just one week I had no more pain and have been walking without pain. I took nothing else, so it looks like this must be what helpped. I stopped taking it after one month of relief. The Glucosamine Plus I took was ordered from a special company , it had extra herbs in it, so it is different from the one you purchase at the healthfood store you buy. You never know what will help, its different with everyone. My friend has just complained about the same thing. She has just started to take these two products 8 days ago and is already feeling some relief. Only time will tell if this is effective or not. I would be happy to give anyone a number to order these two products from if they are interested at all. I don't sell them myself, I just use them. Contact me at (email removed). Please don't send me junk mail, I am only giving this information to help others with what I feel is a very painful problem.