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To: Lou re Atkins

Posted by Lee on 8/22/99 at 00:00 (010092)

I've lost 12 lbs on Atkins diet and my foot is better. 10 lb loss prior to Atkins but it took 3 times as long and I felt I was starving.
If you start 0 carbs tomorrow, remember to eat all you want. That is what kept me on the diet. I had alot of eggs & bacon for breakfast.
Chef salads for lunch, cheese & diet jello for snacks and huge steaks for dinner. Honestly, just like the book says eat as much as you want and you will be able to stay on the diet. After about 3 days you stop craving carbs and you wont want to eat so much of everything. My portions are normal now and I think my diet is really very healthy. I've added fruit & veggies, sandwiches open face, cottage cheese. No dinner bread or carbs at all. I try to stay under 50 carbs a day. You will be amazed how fast you lose weight. Don't forget that for you to lose weight you have to cut back on something. So is it gonna be carbs, fat or portion size??? I don't know if it's the 22 lb weight loss or lack of carbs but either way something sure helped my foot. I'm about to start Celebrex to try to get rid of the last nagging pain that just wont go away. It's more in my arch than my heel now. Like a cramp that is always there. Good luck on the diet.