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Re: endoscopic surgery after regular surgery failed

Posted by michael on 8/23/99 at 00:00 (010099)

Let me try this again. I'm looking for anyone who has undergone the endoscopic pf release procedure having previously tried the regular pf release surgery. I am not looking for a surgeon. My two previous surgeries were performed by orthopedic surgeons. I went to see Dr. Nadal here in Toronto because he is one of only two doctors I've found in this area - the other being Hartley Miltchin - who do the pf release endoscopically. It has been suggested that the endoscopic procedure may be superior because it allows a much quicker recovery time. However, Dr. Nadal and the two San Fransico surgeons he consulted doubted that the endoscopic surgery would give me a better result.
However they had never performed it on someone who'd already had conventional surgery.So that's how I get to my question. Has anyone undergone the endoscopic pf release surgery having previously undergone the regular (invasive) pf release procedure?