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Carol: I need a person to act as a check and balances

Posted by Sarah on 8/24/99 at 00:00 (010152)

I didn't go to him to expecting this bread and pasta thing and its results. I went to him because I knew nothing about proper weight training and knew that I needed an exercise plan customized to my needs. I was worried that joining some national chain would leave me on my own causing further damage to my foot or working with a trainer who was not adequately certified. I didn't know where to begin because I was raised in a household where proper girls played tennis.

The bread pasta thing was an interesting, yet ironic twist. When he stated that he wanted me to begin a diet change with the elimination of breads and pasta I mentioned the success some of you had proclaimed on this message bpard. He explain to me the lactic acid issue and how that your claims were probably legitimate. It was a surprise to me. So the moral of the story is, I am not paying him lots of money for advice I could have gotten free unless someone that is a certified personal trainer that holds a four year college degree and visits this board has the gymnasium full of epuipment, time, and lives in Columbus to show me how to weight train properly for free.