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Re: my Celebrex/Vioxx update

Posted by Fast Eddy on 8/26/99 at 00:00 (010215)

I have been browsing the board and it seems quite apparent that these drugs work for some and not others, I have also heard the same commentary around the rehab clinic and elsewhere. Needless to say when these drugs work they can and do give relief from pain. My hope is to use them in a proactive manner to allow me to rehab 'relatively' pain free and then hopefully wean off of them, after all they are drugs and the longlasting effects could be worse than PF, Also I never knew this board existed until yesterday, I thought I was one of the few with this awful condition, I won't say it's a relief to know that others suffer as you do, but I will say that by sharing our experiences it gives us all a way to help one another through this ordeal, after all there is strength in numbers. Good luck to all!