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I used to get a hot burning sensation in my feet and it comes back somtime.

Posted by Gordon on 8/27/99 at 00:00 (010290)

I had teh burning fro over 2.5 years.

I find that if I do a lot of aerobic activity (not on your feet) sit-ups, leg raises, light weights, and then stick ice cubes in my socks (just the bottoms) that it goes away. Since I went on a low carb no sugar diet it doesn't happen unless I cheat.

Take lots of Vit c, E, and raw garlic and keep your mind thinking positive (no anxiety)

I recently read that the burning sensation can be related to an intestinal yeast infection and that the garlic helps keep it down.

See THE COMPLETE FOOT BOOK BY DR D.S. PRITT andn M. Walker page 110 bottom ' Unwelcome fungal overgrowth is probably invloved with your intestinal digestive processes and potentially remains an ever-present source of reinfection'.

I cut up fresh garlic into small pieces and put them in a gelatin capsule so the smell stays in the gut and my wife will still let me breath on her. My DOc says you have to use the real garlic and not the deodeized or cooked stuff.