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Posted by joan on 8/29/99 at 00:00 (010329)

I couldn't have said it better and I absolutley agree! Here's something I have NOT been discussing on the board because it spikes my blood pressure just to think about it. My insurance company is not paying for my Vioxx. I am self-employed and pay a hefty premium each month to be insurede. My premiums are always on time of course. Now that I finally start to try to USE the insurance, they haul off and reject my needed medication. They claim it is 'experimental' (this, though it's been FDA-approved for general marketing since June). It is an internal thing, since other insurance companies will pay for it (although not all). As usual, non-medical people gobble up our money and make medical decisions for us and for the doctors. In many ways I sympathize with the docs, since they have to be frustrated to the hilt by all this. Anyway, My doctor is giving me samples while I appeal this (the insurance company couldn't care less if I returned to a painful state while taking 6 weeks to fight them). Also, because i have the know-how, I intend to contact every major and minor local publication and relate this story. I feel it is my responsibility to add my anecdote of vmanaged 'care' horror to the general knowledge out there, since I think that managed care will be severly legislated in the years to come and this is my chance to add fuel to the public outrage which will facilitate this. Also, I was treated so badly by this company that I will relish the chance to factually state this horror while attaching their name to it. They DESERVE the bad publicity. Anyway, thanks for letting me vent. This does not get me as furious as it used to because I have a plan now. Good luck to you in your continued quest for relief.