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We all sympathize, "New Lee"!

Posted by Raleigh on 9/01/99 at 00:00 (010458)

I think I can 'speak' for all of us when I say We Understand! The medical profession seems limited, PF seems to come and go, different things work for different people. Here's a hodgepodge list, you've probably tried some or maybe even all. Good luck!
Stretch, stretch, stretch. Highly supportive shoes (Birkenstocks, Danskos, SAS, etc. Taping around just your arch (if you put down a layer of gauze, you don't get contact dermatitis, PLUS you can slip the support off and on. Icing several times per day. Rolling (you can use a frozen round OJ can or a rolling pin) to break down the painful scar tissue. Magnets- tiny stick on magnets with the northern pole right over the sorest spots. Acupuncture (has helped me a lot. Vioxx prescription cream, piroxicam (sp?) cream. Don't go barefoot. Stretch some more. And, of course the most controversial of all THE LOW CARB DIET. (If I go off my low carb diet and eat a lot of carbs -breads, sugars. etc- I can barely walk.) Read this board for more suggestions and moral support. Hang in there, Lee!