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You know you have PF when ...

Posted by john a on 9/03/99 at 00:00 (010551)

After an unusually sleepless night brought on by painful feet, aching achilles tendons, hot and cold flashes and ill-remembered fitfull dreams, I decided to try to cheer myself up. So here goes...

'You know you have PF when...'

1. When you meet someone new, the first thing you do is look to see what kind of shoes they wear.
2. When shopping for groceries, what you buy and how much you pay are not nearly as important as navigating the isles efficiently and how short the lines are.
3. You've bought $800 worth of shoes in the past three months, none of which you can wear.
4. E-commerce would be your _only_ commerce if you had a choice.
5. You envy unfit 'over-rotund' folk walking around clearly pain-free in feet that are literally overflowing their too-worn, too-small sandals. (Oh, to be able to be so careless once again!)
6. Your foot pain prevents you from doing things even in your dreams.

Play along at home! Add to the list!