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I "count" the carbs in everything I eat. . . .

Posted by Carol E. on 9/04/99 at 00:00 (010609)

The junk carbs are the most important, of course, and apparently afford some PF pain relief and would help in weight management but for real weight loss--I follow a much stricter diet. If you want to
E-mail me at: (email removed) I will give examples of my daily menu. However, you really need to read the books to understand WHY this diet works. High insulin levels really cause weight problems for some of us and carbohydrates(no matter their source)is what causes the high insulin.

I'd rather not discuss my diet on this board any more because there are 'diet police' that like to criticize because they think they know it all. (And if the food pyramid worked for everyone, I wouldn't be in the fix I am in.)