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It is the seventh week since I've had the orthotripsy performed.

Posted by Jenn on 9/05/99 at 00:00 (010666)

I had the orthotripsy peformed at the Institute of Sports Medicine in Toronto by Dr Galea on 7/16/99. Overall, I will say there is finally an improvment. THANK YOU GOD!!! I would say I have noticed a 30-40% reduction in pain on most days, but on the days that I do things like laundry, vaccuum, shopping, etc I pay for it and the next few days are pretty bad too. What is different about the pain now is that, my whole leg hurts and the ankle hurts instead of just the heel. But it is definitely much better since I've had the procedure. Mornings aren't too bad anymore. Heel is still swollen and slightly discolored. ANd it is still painful to the touch. I am religous about my stretching and on the days I bike I tape my feet, which is an enormous help. The whole healing process is suppose to take 10-12 weeks. I'm one month shy. Thanks for all the support.