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Re: Value versus advertising

Posted by Robin on 9/08/99 at 00:00 (010776)

A curious statement, Scott -- that the more profitable the site is, the less it benefits people. I'm afraid I don't agree in this case. If heelspurs.com can be self-supporting with a little advertising, that in no way diminishes the value and benefit it carries for so many of us. In fact, I think advertisers would be very smart indeed to advertise with you. The site is wonderful and you have a faithful and knowledgeable following.

I remember way back to last fall when I first found heelspurs.com. Actually, I remember farther back, when my PF first exploded in my feet -- the very day I got out of bed, put my feet on the floor -- and thought was head was going to catapult through the ceiling. I remember the panic of not knowing what the heck was causing such tremendous pain in both feet. I remember not knowing what to do or where to turn, finally turning to a podiatrist -- and soon wondering where to turn next.

I remember searching frantically on the Internet for any kind of useful information, and finding TONS of snake oil salesmen. Amid all the garbage -- finally there was heelspurs.com. Back then the main article wasn't quite 20 pages, but it was long enough -- and I read it all, several parts several times. Instantly, I knew I found the site I was looking for. Through this site, I learned about Birkenstocks and OTC orthotics and glucosamine and vitamin C and bromelain -- which have helped to improve my PF condition considerably. I don't honestly know how I would have made it through the darkest hours of this dreadful, stupid condition without your website. Even during the many times I was silent, just reading others' posts was a comfort, a sense of not being so alone in the pain.

I haven't seen other web sites or messages boards for other conditions even come close to what you have built here. No amount of advertising will diminish your contribution to knowledge and education, and to helping people taking control of their own treatment plans. A few flashing banners shouldn't bother anyone, nor should any advertising. While I would certainly hate to see heelspurs.com end, I will be forever grateful for having been a part of it for awhile. The information you have compiled is invaluable. The friendship and support of people on the board has made it possible for many of us to get through the tough days.

I do think you're right about this: It's probably the most valuable work you will ever do, and one of the greatest contributions a person could make. You have saved sanity for many of us and enabled us to continually search for improvement. Thanks. I do hope you find the job of your dreams (or at least a palatable income). No one deserves it more.