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Robin said it very well

Posted by Sue on 9/08/99 at 00:00 (010784)

Robin expressed it very well. I, too, am grateful for this site. It has provided me with information that I didn't get from 2 podiatrists, 1 orthopedic surgeon, and 3 chiropractors.

I have tried many of the suggestions--some have helped and some didn't. Not one of the docs I saw mentioned night splints and I consider night splints to have been one of the most helpful. I was also encouraged by the posts to keep trying custom orthotics until I found a comfortable pair and stretching helped--I use the Thera Wedge for stretching which I found on this website.

You have performed a great service for us Scott. I don't know how much time it takes for you each day--I hope you can keep it up, but of course you have to get on with your own life when the opportunity arises.

The advertising banners don't bother me at all--I hope you can make some money from the advertisers.