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You're doing a great job and...

Posted by Sarah on 9/11/99 at 00:00 (010851)

I can't say enough about the crucial information that I have uncovered on this sight. Thanks to this sight, and the fact that I started out with a good doctor, I have turned the pain around and am now functioning on the painscale from anywhere at 0 to 3 depending on the day(s) activities. I would be glad to donate some $ to help maintain this sight. Afterall, I donate to a number of cuases that don't affect me as directly as this sight does. Perhaps you could set up a link and we could mail and optional membership fee to a p.o. box. Keep on inviting advertisers here on this sight if that is what it takes. I know we all hope that you will not have to give up your invaluable work with this board, but we all understand the need to make a living. Thanks for everything and keep us posted. Perhaps some computer savay person who frequents this sight might be willing to share the responsibility with you.