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Posted by Sarah on 9/11/99 at 00:00 (010854)

Actually, ny headache situation improved. Another book that I own called'Eat Right For Your Type' discusses foods that you should and should not eat based on your specific bloodtype. Interestingly enough my blood type (B) is told to stay away from wheat and flour due to its clotting effects and the fact that it causes sinus conditions. My sisters who is also type B and who is plaggued by sinus headaches had a battery of allergy tests done prior to my discovery of this book. Oddly enough she is allergic to wheat products and was told that if she stopped eating them her sinus condition would improve. She did, and it did. So not only have my sinuses improved, my feet have felt almost normal again.

Please note that I have eliminated breads and pasta from my diet and eat whole grain cereal only in the morning only. I have not been off potatoes or starchy vegetables and also consume yogurt which has some sugar in it. My feet have felt way better. You may not have to go as extreeme as the Adtkins would have you go to reep the benefits and rewards.