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Update with personal trainer and low carb diet

Posted by Sarah on 9/11/99 at 00:00 (010857)

I have been going to a personal trainer who has a degree in Kineseology from the U. of Mich. since late August. He is working with me keeping my plantar fascitis in mind and has asked me to eliminate breads and pasta from my diet except for whole grain cereal in the morning only. I have been eating all vegetables, fruits, dairy, lean meat and fish sensibly since I began. He explained to me that breads and pasta consumption results in lactic acid being stored in your muscles which causes tightness and cramping. This could account for those on a low carb diet feeling signifiacant improvement.

I would like to report that my feet are feeling amazing. I can walk barefoot heel to toe with out any pain at all. I do avoid doing this so that I would reinjure or diminish the progress being made. Anyway, the tightness that I used to feel in my arches, heels and calves is relatively gone. I was doing stretching at home and had been through physical therapy for my right foot (although both feet suffer from pf)
and while they helped this work with a personal trainer has moved me even further along in a positive direction. I have dropped nearly 10 pounds and am feeling great. We work for over an hour together 2 times per week and I ride my bike or walk 30 minutes per day on the days I don't see my pt. That 30 minutes can be broken up into 3 ten minute intervals if I desire and I avoid a lot of walking so that I don't hurt my heels. I will begin tennis again next week which entails a one hour workout with a small group. We will see how my feet handle that! I should also add that I continue to ice, stretch, and apply ibuprophen cream daily.

I am pretty consitently at a 0 on the pain scale with some minor slides to a 1 or 2 depending on day's activities. At my worst I was a 8-9 which was back in the winter of '98-99.

I pass this information along only to help those who might benefit from the information, not to gloat. Good luck to you all and I will continue to keep you posted if you wish.